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1. Equipment for CVD-diamond materials manufacture



TWINN, LLC manufactures CVD-diamond equipment using MW generators with capacities 6 and 10 kW designed for growing polycrystalline diamonds films on mono crystal silica pads of a range of diameters (57, 63, 75, 100 mm)  with varying thickness from 100 µm to 2,0 mm.

Fig.1.1. The system for growing polycrystalline diamond.


Diamond polycrystalline film parameters:

            - film thickness from 200 µm to 2 mm;

            - max. diameter of 10mm;

            - growth rate of diamond films growth not less than 3 µm/hour

            - film thermal conductivity not less than 1000 W/m*K


The system for growing diamond polycrystalline films (fig. 1) consists of following functional units:

            - working chamber;

            - vacuum pumping system;

            - water-cooling system;

            - gas mixing and distribution system;

            - temperature control system;

            - MW power source;

            - service power source;

            - PC control system.


The working chamber construction: cylindrical vacuum chamber with water-cooling walls consisting of a bottom part and a lid with technological observation windows, coaxially wave guide and a tuner. The outer diameter of the chamber is 500 mm. The lid opens upwards for easy access to the substrate holder and the sample.


Gas supply system provides the release of technological gases in a vacuum chamber during the technological process and includes four gas channels. Gas supply system consists of electronic gas flow regulators for automatic maintenance of gas consumption in the process of diamond film precipitation, pneumatic valves, inlet valves, filters and ducts for gas supply into the vacuum chamber.

Fig.1.2 The system for growing polycrystalline diamond.

Temperature control is maintained by a dual-beam IR-thermometer with a temperature measuring range 750-1300C.


MW power source consists of a power supply unit and a magnetron unit. Both units are water-cooled.

MW block parameters:

Power supply voltage: 3x380 V, 50/60 Hz;

Maximum MW power output: 10 kV;

Maximum consumed  power: 15 kV;

Regulation diapason of MW output  power: 1000-10000 V;

Power control step: 100 V;

Reflection power protection when power exceeds: 2000 V;

Reflection power protection in the duct for cooling water: 5 sec;

Control: PC

Cooling: water, air


The system is controlled by specialized software. Information about mode status and process parameters is displayed on the monitor. The system manipulation is performed using the sensor monitor. The software allows obtaining necessary information about process parameters, how systems work, reports faults and mode disabling and ensures safe shutdown in emergency cases.

The computer and the monitor are placed on the front of the separate control rack.



Duration of continuous operation: up to 700 hours

Time to prepare the system for work: up to 1 hour


Total weight of the system: about 500 kg


Supplied with the equipment:

- set of equipment (substrate holder, protective cover);

- manual;

- technical and operational documentation.


Time for the system delivery – 8 months.


Warranty provided by the implementer corresponds to the warranty provided by the manufacturer and is at least 12 months.


The price of the equipment is determined depending on the parameters of the system and characteristics of diamond materials produced.